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5 Ways to Recruit on a Budget

Recruitment is time consuming but for some businesses they have no choice but to recruit their own talent as “cost” is on the General Manager’s agenda. For SME’s is can be difficult to justify an Agency Recruitment FEE (especially when the economic climate is not ideal) and therefore they have to recruit themselves.

Where to start?

The easy option is to put an advert up on SEEK and cross your fingers and hope for the BEST, but we would suggest you have a few more options than that to ensure you are getting the best talent in the market.

When it comes to Hiring Talent you can’t put a price on an employee who is ROI based and drives the business to success, or a loyal employee who stays with the company for 5- 10 years……. but with that said “COST” is the current talk of the town.

So what can you do, to increase your chances of picking up the best talent in the market?

We have put together 5 Ways to Recruit on a Budget to help you through the process.  This way you can ensure you have a little more reliability than One advert.


For us its not about putting “bums on seats”, its about quality of candidates. Understanding their drivers, motivations and then focusing on how they can add value to the business.

Knowing that the most important part of growing a business is having the RIGHT PEOPLE, should be enough information to ensure you are trying your best to attract the best in the market.


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