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Top Performer Retention is Key

Claire Mansell - December 8, 2019 - 0 comments

According to a study by Careerbuilder, “More than one-quarter of employees (29%) say they regularly search for jobs while employed, and 78% say that even though they are not actively looking for a new role, they would be open if the right opportunity came along. “

Surrounding yourself with top performers is “The Key” to your career progression. They do three times the amount of work. They add a significant amount of value to the business by increased productivity, create a high-performance culture; they are easy to manage, adaptable and solutions focused.

If you lost your top performer tomorrow what would your role look like? 

You would be stuck in the detail and not adding value to the business. At the same time, your career would not be progressing. Losing a reliable, solutions-focused top performer can be devastating to your team culture.

How can you retain Top Performers?

  • Culture: Top performers want to work for a company that celebrates their uniqueness and their value.
  • Leadership: Top performers want to work with Top performing leaders so they can continue to grow. People don’t leave companies they leave leaders. They will make you a better leader by stretching your leadership capacity
  • Compensation: All Top performers want to be remunerated competitively. If they get the company annual CPI increase, like everyone else in the team, yet they are outperforming and delivering three times the amount of work, they should be compensated for this.
  • Challenge: They need challenge; they need to work towards a common goal. Top performers want to see that they are making progress in their professional development.
  • Career progression:  Top performers want to grow their career; their ultimate goal is to continue learning and developing. Their future aspirations are the CFO, COO or CEO roles.
  • Purpose:  Top performers need to feel like they are part of something as they need to feel connected to the overall performance and success of the company. Include them in the big picture plan for the business and show them the vision.

Top performers should be your focus throughout your hiring process, don’t take short-cuts. As a leader, you should do everything you can to look after and retain your top performer. The only way in which you can add value as a CFO is to ensure you surround yourself with a highly skilled team who have the right motivations and values. That is how you become successful.

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